December 13, 2017

Holiday Walk Around Success

By Kate Johnson

As ginormous snow flakes fell from the sky families and friends scurried business to business with a smile on their faces. It seems that the community had a whole lot of fun at this year’s Holiday Walk Around.
Every year the walk around is dependent on the weather. And not for the fact that it may be canceled. But because of people’s desire to be out in the cold with their family or not. The last couple years have been touchy. Last year’s walk around almost being canceled, while some expressed that it was just too cold to take their families out.
This year was quite the opposite. Every business on Main Street had a herd of people moving through their storefront. Whether patrons were eating, visiting, or shopping there was constant traffic through Beulah.
Some making the statement that it reminded them of Beulah’s Crazy Days.
Kids got to meet Santa Claus at City Hall, write Christmas letters to family and friends at the library, grab a bite to eat at any of the local business, and even doing a little shopping at the vendors show at the Greystone. The Holiday Walk Around was truly built for everyone to participate in.
On average businesses saw 400 people thorough their businesses while  some owners stated they saw around 500 people.

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