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November 13, 2008

Holidays challenge WARC

Wall Street, industry and the nation’s banks have not been alone in facing economic challenges in 2008.

Pressure on families and their budgets have been dramatic, sometimes to the breaking point.

For much of the past year, gas prices pushed the $4 a gallon mark, while home heating costs and rental prices for houses and apartments rose dramatically. Food prices have also seen sharp increases.

For those less fortunate, it’s been especially tough, both on them, and those organizations that offer services to the poor, and often desperate.

Now those struggles, and in some cases desperation, have come home to Mercer County.

Has the economy had an impact on our local emergency services organization?

"Absolutely," said Lisa Weisz, executive director of the Women’s Action and Resource Center, the group that maintains Mercer County’s emergency food and assistance program.

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