July 17, 2019

Home is where the heifer is: Area teen gets chance to start herd

By Diane Newberry

When most teenagers get off of work during the summer, they might head directly to Dairy Queen or the lake. Jacob Klaudt, however, visits Wynnona.
“I try to get out there 5 to 6 times a week to rinse her and feed her and work her hair,” Klaudt said. “It’s just staying on top of the little things that are really important.”
Wynnona, of course, is a cow. More specifically a heifer that Klaudt has been gifted by the Northern International Livestock Competition (NILE) Merit Heifer Program that he hopes to use to build a future cattle operation. She is, in fact, named after Wynnona Judd.
“They go out and find ranchers who are willing to donate heifers to individuals like me who are interested in agriculture and committed to the industry,” Klaudt said. 

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