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March 15, 2017

Hopes and frustrations for Lake Shore

By Daniel Arens

Once again, the questions of possible diversion for Lake Shore Estates (LSE) was raised before the Mercer County Water Resource Board. Predictably, it was a discussion of ambiguity and uncertainty.
The problems of this issue have been long and extensive for the water board, generating many potential ideas and solutions, and in the end producing only headaches.
After the United States Army Corps of Engineers, in no uncertain terms, shot down any potential for a diversion plan from the impacted area southward along the east side of Beulah Bay Road toward the Dakota Waters Resort, the frustrations of the water board came to a head.
The board members instructed representatives from LSE to approach neighboring landowner Jerome Boeshans themselves and work out an agreement with him to allow a diversion plan to the west, with use of the southern edge of his property, north of the development. The water board determined to stop spending money and time on the issue until such an agreement could be reached.
Despite this, Greg Ficek and Scott Kudrna from LSE came before the board during the March 9 meeting to discuss possibilities for future movement on the issue.


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