July 5, 2017

Horse Show has returned to the Fair

By Kate Johnson

After 10 years of being detached from the Mercer County Fair, the 4-H Horse Show has returned. When the horse show competed during the fair there were complaints about the size of the arena being too small and the difficultly that was had in finding footing. Lengths were taken to improve the footing, but still the size of the arena was deemed too small for speed events.
It was after a serious injury occurred during the show that the 4-H Horse Show pulled out of the Mercer County Fair and moved its event to Stanton, which was then held at a different time all together.
For the past 10 years, the entire horse show has been held at the Stanton arena; however, now it’s time for them to come back to where they started.
Bonnie Klein, team leader, said with the time and location of their show they felt so removed from the Mercer County Fair -- missing the atmosphere that it brings. Tandra Thrall, team leader and Bonnie’s daughter, was a judge for other Horse Show events in Bismarck, Mandan, and Fargo, which Bonnie said has been wonderful for them. Thrall was able to share the different ways other towns run their shows which sparked the idea of holding the event in two places on two different days.
Through this shared insight, Bonnie, Thrall, and Mary-Ann Klein (team leader) decided they would hold all speed events at the Stanton arena Wednesday night, and the rest of the events at the Mercer County Fairgrounds Thursday afternoon.


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