September 14, 2016

Hospice celebrates 20 years

Free community meal
By Kate Johnson

Sakakawea Medical Center’s Hospice is giving a big “thank you” to its local communities. Starting in 1996, Hospice Care has survived 20 years in Mercer County providing an incredible service thanks to the community.
“The community deserves to celebrate because they have supported us so well and we feel that,” said SMC HHC/Hospice Director Lori Knoll. “It’s our way of giving a little bit back to a community who has been so amazing to us.”
Hospice is a type of care that supports patients as well as their families with coping with terminal illness. Through the work that hospice does, families have the ability to be closer with their loved ones. Hospice provides services whereever a patient may call home. Their purpose is to care for pain management, symptom control, and enabling their patients to have the best quality of life possible in the scope of their potential limits.
“Hospice isn’t about giving up or losing hope, it’s more about choosing quality of life and comfort care,” said Knoll.
Twenty years ago Bert Speidel, a registered nurse with SMC saw a great need for hospice care. Soon after the wheels began to turn for this type of program, Knoll was hired on. She is the remaining employee who began with the program 20 years ago.
Knoll tributes SMC’s Hospice Care success to the community it has been situated in.
“I would say that whereever your hospice program is, if it’s not situated in a caring community it won’t survive,” said Knoll.
Hospice Care looks to thank the community for their continued support over the years. As a hospice program they do not turn down anyone based on their ability to pay for the service.


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