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June 25, 2014

Housing company eyeing Golden Valley

By Chris Erickson

Joe Armstrong, of Multifamily Capital Resources, presented plans to renovate the Golden Valley school into housing, a project that didn’t make it all the way with prior developers. Armstrong presented plans earlier this year in Hazen as well, noting that after meeting with local economic developers he fell in love with the area and wanted to help address housing needs.
The plan for Golden Valley, as presented last Tuesday, would create dozens of single occupancy living quarters in the old school.
Armstrong informed residents that the Golden Valley Lodge would cater to an under served market for the provision of quality, room and board, for month by month workers. He noted that although the rules weren’t required for corporate lodging, MCR will operate the Golden Valley Lodge by similar rules to man camps, meaning there would be no alcohol, drugs, or firearms in the building.
As far as changes to the building would go, Armstrong said no walls would be moved. Classes would be utilized to create eight foot by eight foot dorm style living quarters for a total of 54 initial occupants. According to him, an additional 16 more occupants could be housed later if and when the company was able to build eight 2-room duplexes.
The presentation detailed how updated oil burner units and backup systems would likely be required, as well as some new wiring and new floor treatments. A new air conditioning unit would also have to be installed and connected with existing air ducts. Windows and bathroom spaces would be reconfigured and upgraded.
According to Armstrong, the Golden Valley Lodge will provide worker residents with full meal plan, the gym and playing fields.

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