September 17, 2014

Housing tops list for council

By Chris Erickson

Among the topics heard this past week, one idea came up that could help alleviate the lack of available residential lots.
The project brought forward by Councilor Kathy Kelsch included preliminary numbers for development of Tumbleweed Estates, if the council decided to move in that direction. The proposal included different options for the council to review.
“I think we’re at a point where we have to decide if we want to continue to sit back and wait for a developer to come to us who we feel comfortable with, then potentially have lots at higher sales prices because they would naturally want to develop and make money on them,” Kelsch said. “Or, do we want to explore different options on how the city could fund doing this ourselves.”
The first option of the proposal included everything up to curb and gutter work, plus water and sewer for a total estimate of $884,871. The second option would be to use recycled asphalt, plus the water and sewer work for a total estimate of around $652,078.
Kelsch stated that she wanted to bring the numbers to the councilors so they could have time to review them and weigh them against the city’s need for housing.


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