June 29, 2016

Hwy 49, completion date October

By Kate Johnson

All drivers have begun to find alternative routes taking them away from the highway 49 construction. The projected completion date of the project is Oct. 29 of this year, costing just under $24,000,000.
The construction has been taking place from south to north, starting at the Mercer County line on highway 49 and moving towards Beulah. Recently construction has hedged into city limits and contractors have begun the dismantling of the Knife River bridge.
There are three contractors working on the Highway 49 project: Border States Paving Inc., prime contractor; Wanzek Construction Inc., structure contractor; and Martin Construction Inc., earthwork contractor.
Border States Paving is in charge of the overall project in its entirety. Wanzek Construction has been tasked with structures. Their purpose on the project is the dismantling of the two bridges that lay on Highway 49. Once removed, they will be replaced with new structures. Wanzek is also in charge of keeping up the bypasses. Martin Construction is widening the road with dirt and gravel.
Bryan Strasser, North Dakota Department of Transportation, reported that the project is considered to be a third of the way done.
“First they’re widening with dirt then they are putting gravel on top of it,” says Strasser, “We’ll continue to work north with that widening, and that will probably take him through August, and at that point he will come back and start paving the entire road way.”


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