September 25, 2013

Imagination Library tops school board agenda

The Beulah Board of Education focused in on two major topics during its last meeting - the Imagination Library and a public hearing on mill valuation increase.
Superintendent Todd Kaylor noted that the increase of 12.76 didn’t necessarily mean a tax increase of the same percentage.
“In essence it takes the mill levy from last year, calculates the same amount of revenue as requested in this year,” Kaylor said. “The percentage is the increase in mills levied based on that comparison for the 2013 tax, which is a misrepresentation that there is a significant tax shift in property taxes to state responsibility related to educational funding. Patrons can expect to see a significant decrease in property taxes despite this posted 12.76 percent increase.”

Kaylor then spoke to the board on the specifics of the increase in mill valuations, explaining the formula had come from the state Department of Public Instruction. No members of the public were present at the meeting. Hearing no questions, the hearing was closed.


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