April 5, 2017

Ironing out procedure

Advisory Committee Meeting
By Kate Johnson

The hospitality and lodging tax advisory committee held meeting number two in the same week to nail down procedures for their applicants.
Committee Chairman Ben Lenzen opened the meeting by offering up any additions to the agenda. The items listed were: communication with applicants, procedure with applications, and developing a subcommittee.
Committee Member Jerry Isaak said he would like to see an end report be added to the application process.
“The profit on that event and what are those profits are going to be used for,” said Isaak, who also noted it would be to see where those dollars are going once raised.
Lenzen moved on to the agenda items and asked how they were going to accomplish communication with the applicants. Isaak reiterated what was accomplished at the previous meeting and stated that applications could be picked up at city hall, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, or the chairman’s office. Applications could also be returned to those locations as well, at which time they would be stamped with a received date.

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