September 21, 2016

Jordan presents mill levy increase

Beulah School Board
By Kate Johnson

Although the Beulah School District had to print in the paper there would be a 13 percent increase, Beulah’s Superintendent Travis Jordan assured that it was not the actual figure.
“The paper makes us list a 13 percent increase, it is not a 13 percent increase,” opened Jordan to the two community members present and the rest of the school board.
Jordan explained that the board is required to hold a meeting even if they were to increase by one penny. However, the only time they would not have to have a meeting was if it was being decreased. Nonetheless, if they were to do that, the state would take money away from the district.
Business Manager Carrie Miller informed those present that the number “13 percent” is derived from how much revenue those mills could generate.
The big question was, if not 13 percent, how much is it going up? Jordan explained that it was less than a two percent increase.
“Basically on a $100,000 property or home, you’re going to see $8.73 increase a year,” said Jordan. He continued to note that most houses sit around the $300,000 range, which would equal out to roughly $25 more in property tax.

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