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April 30, 2009

Knife River bridge to reopen in early May, builders state

Pending cooperative weather, the State Highway 200 bridge spanning the Knife River northeast of Hazen is expected to be reopened by May 8, according to Project Superintendent Chad Milbrath of Industrial Builders, Inc., Fargo.

The bridge has been closed since late March flooding washed away soil from underneath the structure’s south decking. In the meantime, a motorist moved the barricades and attempted to cross the bridge, falling into the chasm in the process.

According to Milbrath, crews drove one new H-beam steel piling 73 feet deep at the bridge’s south end Tuesday, where wooden piling had snapped during the flood. The next step is putting in rebar and pouring concrete, and then IBI crews will begin dirt work. Considerable dirt work must be done after a second flood in early April severely eroded the Knife’s banks, Milbrath said, and rocks layered 2 feet thick will be laid up and down the banks for riprap.

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