November 2, 2016

KRCC board honors influential member

By Kate Johnson

After spending more than a decade on the Knife River Care Center board, Fred Stern believes it is his time to step down. While stepping down, Stern was given a Hero Award from KRCC.
KRCC’s annual meeting was made up of reports, stating what they have accomplished over the last year and what they are going to be up against this coming year. Also discussed were potential budget cuts they may see during legislation.
Stern announced that he and two other board members, Michelle Anderson and Carla Borlaug, have decided to decline to seek another term. Stern has served 12 years, Anderson served six years, and Borlaug served three. The nominating committee nominated Darrold Bertsch, Bonnie Krause, and Bruce Mohl. There was a unanimous ballot cast, which was unanimously approved.
Stern spoke to the three board members reasons for stepping down from the board, mentioning some had busy work life, others had recently retired, and, for himself, he felt it was his time to step down.
“I heard a long time ago that you should not stay in one management position too long,” said Stern.
All new board members introduced themselves and shared their excitement to be on the board and how they look forward to the future.

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