February 3, 2016

KRCC requests Pharmacy change

Knife River Care Center’s Director of Nursing, Jennifer Ver-Maas, recently sent a letter to all residents at KRCC as well as their family members. The letter stated that KRCC was making a switch from the local pharmacies to Thrifty White Drug. This letter was detailed in describing what to expect from this new  system and the excitement they had for the switch.

The letter left family members and the public in confusion, with the nagging question, “Why are we taking away from local?”

This question was murmured by many, awaiting the answer. A family night had been scheduled by KRCC to have Thrifty White Drug come to the Beulah facility and present just what this pharmacy is all about. The family night was scheduled for Jan. 14, welcoming all family members of residents as well as the residents themselves to hear what Thrifty White Drug had to say.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature took a turn for the worst Jan. 14, with high winds and black ice. The family night was cancelled, with a Jan. 27 makeup meeting scheduled and presented accordingly.

Family members, a couple residents, Hazen Drug owner Mike Chase, and Beulah Drug owner Dave Just were all present, waiting to hear the presentation of what Thrifty White Drug had to offer.

Erin Moss traveled from Mandan to make the Thrifty White presentation to the Beulah natives. She  opened her presentation with how came to fi nd out about KRCC’s difficulties, through VerMaas at a conference last summer. Moss enlightened the crowd how Thrifty White came to starting in 1884 in  Jamestown, and being an employee-owned company currently servicing 900 communities.

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