May 9, 2018

Lack of transparency raises questions at JDA

By Kate Johnson

A special meeting by Jobs Development Authority developed into something it wasn’t intended to be. The meeting was set up to approve the financial report on project costs of the bakery building JDA recently supported.
However, the head-to-head conversation carried on over an hour.
Those members that were present were: Darrell Bjerke, John Phillips, Clyde Schulz, Mary-Lou Horning, Nathan Richter, Gloria Olheiser, Dave Ripplinger and Scott Solem.
The group was given the sheet of expenses they have incurred and still owe, along with explanations.
The architect plan design, engineering, environmental consults and taxes equated to, $7,579; legal costs equated to $2,140; and contractor costs were, $249,010.

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