August 19, 2015


By Kate Johnson

Fair Street and Front Street, is located on a gravel road on the east end of town. Some who reside there refer to it as a “peaceful area.” However, chaos has erupted for these residents as their front yards have become the playing ground to burn off some tires.
At the city council meeting this week, two residents who call the east end of town their home expressed concerns about how “someone is going to get hurt,” whether it is the driver, an innocent bystander or a beloved family pet.
Neither of the concerned gentlemen or city council members had the solution to the problem, all agreeing dirt roads are where they learned to drive as well. Police have been notified and all parties agreed they are doing their best. Police Chief Frank Senn acknowledged it is a difficult area and they are trying to stack the manpower. Ideas that were bounced back and forth were to lower speed limits even further or aggressive police enforcement, joined by the statement, “cause, maybe you can stop before you kill someone’s kid.”
As regular business turned to order, Main Street will be busy the next couple of weeks with pre-construction on street lights. Sidewalks will be dug up, removing the concrete and taking out old foundations. “Hoping to have it done as quickly as possible,” City Coordinator/Building Official Russell Duppong said.
Planning and zoning violation by the Hillside office complex. A water line was hit while trying to supply water and sewer to a new building west of Hillside. The water line was unknown to officials and was a surprise when hit. Now that it has been abruptly brought to the city’s attention they will be dealing with the matter at hand.
There will be two officers sent to Bismarck for the next two weeks to a training program on detective skills. The Beulah Police force has had to make some changes in their uniforms for the hot weather. When temperatures are greater than 80 degrees, officers will be sporting these sharp new uniforms.
Chris Renner was appointed to the planning and zoning committee, to which Renner responded, “I look forward to it, sounds like a good time.”

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