January 15, 2009

Mahto Bay easement issue goes nowhere with TAT

A Mercer County Commission quest to assist Mahto Bay cabin owners in gaining a road easement through privately owned reservation land has hit a roadblock.

The county began working on the issue with the Three Affiliated Tribes in August 2007, but TAT but has now dumped the problem back into the lap of the county.

Mahto Bay, a small sliver of land in the far northwest corner of Mercer County, is located along Lake Sakakawea north of the Twin Buttes area. The area is former reservation land that the U.S. Corps of Engineers obtained during the creation of Lake Sakakawea in the 1950s.

The land was later sold in the 1960s by the Corps to individuals who developed it for private recreational purposes. An early struggle over a legal easement in those years was not officially resolved.

Fast forward generations later and Little Owl family members of the privately owned reservation land and family members of the original cabin owners continue to struggle with the issue.

Access to the cabin area includes travel through Mercer County land, tribal reservation land and a two-mile stretch across Little Owl land.

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