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July 2, 2014

Main Bar finds new owners

By Chris Erickson

The Main Bar is still open for business thanks to the efforts of two former bar owners.
Business partners Peggy Bundy and Perry Wolf started discussing the opportunity a couple of months ago, finishing business dealings just in time to provide a seamless transition from Judy Wolf and Della Bauer, who respectively operated and owned the location previously.
The two had previously owned the Lone Wolf Saloon for about 10 years, and Square Butte Diner in Center, but transitioned out of those businesses through the past two years, selling the bar and now leasing the restaurant.
“We always enjoyed the bar business,” she said. “After a while we realized we missed it and decided to come back to it. It’s always active, you’ve always got something going on. There are a lot of people coming and going and you get a chance to meet a lot of folks.”
Bundy said the transition has gone very smoothly, with the employees deciding to stay on. She said for the most part, the operations would mostly be left to staff.

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