November 20, 2008

Mayor, council praise efforts of city workers

While much of the snow has melted, the effect of the winter blast that inundated Beulah just 10 days ago was not lost on Mayor Darrell Bjerke, or the Beulah City Council, who offered combined praise for both city workers and residents at Monday night’s council meeting.

The storm, which dumped nearly a foot of heavy snow over the area, was met head on by street crews who worked overtime to clear roads.

"I’m extremely proud of our city crews, as well as our residents," the mayor said. In what he called a self-assessment of the state of the city, Bjerke told councilmen that, "Things are really going well."

Bjerke thanked the council for their efforts in bringing the city up to speed.

"I am extremely proud of where we are today."

The meeting was brought to order by a contingent of area Boy Scouts, who led the Pledge of Allegiance to open the session. The Scouts were there to observe city government in action.

Bjerke reported on a trip to Denver, Colo., where he and City Planner John Phillips attended an event sponsored by the North Dakota Department of Commerce, and included a job fair where the city collected a number of resumes of individuals interested in employment in Beulah. Bjerke said the event was well attended.

Kevin Law, president of First Security Bank-West formally introduced himself to the council.

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