February 1, 2017

MCED hears Basin’s pitch on tax changes

By Kate Johnson

The school board monthly meeting was met with four options as to replacing their current boiler in the Beulah High School; however no option was given for repairing it.
Icon Engineering stated that they hadn’t looked into what repairs would cost and thought that replacement was the route they were desiring to go. After a lengthy presentation on the boiler replacement options and Consolidated Construction’s 10-year plan presentation, the board decided to sleep on the information they had been given and set up another time to meet.
Calling a special meeting last week, the school board met to discuss the options that had been laid out in front of them. All board members singing to a similar tune of desiring numbers on how to fix their current boiler system.
Superintendent Travis Jordan said he had contacted Icon and asked them questions he felt the board may have asked that evening. However, being that Icon didn’t prepare an estimate for repairs, that wasn’t an answer Jordan was equipped to give.


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