August 3, 2016

MCED talks future child care facilities

Mercer County Economic Development
By Kate Johnson

Are there child care facilities in Mercer County’s future? By the reports given for Beulah and Hazen, those thoughts seem promising.
Beulah’s Economic Developer John Phillips gave an update on the essential service workers apartment building being erected in Beulah. This led to the discussion of the 30-person childcare facility that was pitched at the same time as the apartment complex. Phillips estimated that the apartments would be completely enclosed in five weeks’ time.
Phillips discussed that the child care portion has been under review due to cost and changing plans to get back on track, also mentioning contacting a second contractor. However, Phillips still felt that the project would move forward this fall.
“There is really no room for debt retirement in child care facilities to make it affordable for people to use,” says Phillips. “So we’ve restructured some numbers and other financing options.”
He wrapped up by mentioning if it didn’t start this fall it would for sure start next spring.
“It’s only a 3,800 square foot building, that’s not a lot to frame,” says Phillips. “So it’s something that’s realistic.”
Darrold Bertsch, Sakakawea Medical Center, inquired about size and how many children there would be. Phillips discussed how it will be a group facility, which means 30 children.

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