February 3, 2016

MCED talks projects for 2016

Mercer County Economic Development has gone without a meeting for two months, thanks to the timeliness of Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, as the meeting began to roll not a beat had been missed for all present, giving their report all the same. Industries present were West River Telecom, MDU, Roughrider Electric, Dakota Gasification, and Antelope Valley Station. City and county updates were given by Buster Langowski, Hazen, Darrell Bjerke, Beulah, Wes Gunsch, Mercer County, and Darrold Bertsch, Sakakawea Medical Center.

The conversation between the group followed the trend of upcoming projects, with Hazen, Beulah, and Mercer County having a lot to report.

Langowski stepped in to report on Hazen in Mayor Jerry Obenauer’s absence. The city of Hazen recently hired an engineer to look at some more of the roads throughout Hazen that are in need of resurfacing. Langowski reported that he hoped the project would be in the works come this summer. Being in the preliminary stages, Langowski did not state a cost estimate on the project.

Under guidance of Hazen’s planning and zoning board they have come to approve a new layout for the West Hazen properties, which is located by the old RV park. Langowski mentioned to the group that Williams Builders have taken interest in the project and are planning on getting into the ground once the frost is gone. Williams Builders said they would be looking at building five to six homes in that area, according to Langowski, all with the potential of being multiunit, single-family or multi-family, the decision was unknown.

However, there is a piece of land in that area Langowski said is considered in the “waterway” which will not be part of the development. Williams Builders said they would be putting in all the infrastructure themselves – meaning they will be putting in water and sewer only so far, as well as, the streets. Langowski reported that they would be doing it as they are able to sell it, not completing the whole complex right off the hop.

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