June 10, 2015

Mercer County area EMS hosts flight training

By Baelee Butts

Mercer County area emergency medical services sponsored emergency services flight training June 4 in the Beulah Civic Center parking lot.
The concept for the training is to align EMS and the police department with the helicopter crews. The emergency system is in coordination with Valley Med Flight, Dickinson.
It was the first time the training has been held in Beulah.
“It was an open invite to emergency responders and it gave them all a good perspective on what they have to deal with,” Chief of Police Frank Senn said. “It did not leave what happens on scene up to the imagination after that.”

The Beulah Police Department was there to learn about the land zone training. They are trained to “look for obstacles and various means and ways to get the bird safely on the ground and take off,” according to Senn.
They learned how to mark and identify landing areas and learned protocol for keeping the area clear and determining where the helicopter will land in relation to wind direction.
The EMS training consisted of loading patients into the helicopter, how to approach the craft, and what to expect from the air ambulance. Valley Med Flight also gave ride alongs so the responders could experience what goes on up in the air, explained Senn.
According to Ambulance Manager Angie Sayler, it was flight training in collaboration with other responders in training. 

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