November 25, 2014

Missouri River Stakeholders meet

By Chris Erickson

A  new nonprofit organization met last week to discuss the future of North Dakota’s water, specifically that of the Missouri River system.
The Missouri River Stakeholders met at Bismarck State College’s National Energy Center of Excellence for a daylong workshop on issues and concerns surrounding the river system.
Executive Director Ryan Norrell said that generally, the meeting at went well, with about 100 in attendance from throughout the state.
“We wanted to he bring everyone together, get their views on Missouri River issues as it affects stakeholders in the Missouri Basin and throughout the state, and to gain momentum to work together,” Norrell said. “We wanted to find out how we would move forward together.”
According to Norrell, water issues could split groups within the state generally along geographic lines, but overall issues regarding water supply brought them together.
“In general it seemed like everyone was united,” he said. “When water supply issues are fairly general everyone is on the same team. We wanted to make sure that this group could work for everyone as it would move forward.

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