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May 24, 2017

Moratorium on marijuana

Mercer County Planning and Zoning
By Kate Johnson

Mercer County Planning and Zoning commissioners agreed to place a moratorium on the dispensary and manufacturing of marijuana within Mercer County. State’s Attorney Jessica Binder brought the topic up to the planning and zoning commission. It has been a topic she said she has been approached with.
Binder explained that this topic was being brought up for purely discussion purposes; however, placing a moratorium -- temporarily prohibiting any activity -- on accepting applications would allow this topic to be reviewed further.
Binder said through her findings and readings that the new section of the process is lengthy to register for not just being a provider and manufacturer, but also to be a cardholder. According to Binder the statutes state there could be two manufacturing sites and eight dispensary sites within North Dakota. Where those sites would pop up, no one knows.
“Part of the process for getting approval through the state for a dispensary or manufacturing is to show that you’re in compliance with local zoning,” said Binder, “So that gives us the opportunity to look at this.”

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