September 3, 2014

Museum expansion underway

By Chris Erickson

Mercer County’s long history is about to have more room to grow, as the initial construction has begun at the Mercer County Museum in Beulah.
According to Mercer County Historical Society board president Ron Kessler and board member Blake Wiedrich, the expansion was years in the making.
“It’s my generation that’s seeing a lot of antiques from their parents or grandparents and they don’t want to throw it away,” Wiedrich said. “So they bring it here and ask if the museum can start taking it. That’s one of the main reasons we were doing the expansion.”
Wiedrich noted that the current museum had additional loft storage space that held many items simply because there was no room to show them.
“Once this other building comes up a lot of that will be shown,” he added. “We’ve got some exhibits now that are separated because of the room they take up, so once the new addition is up it’ll help that as well. The museum volunteers have done a really good job of organizing the items together in themes.”
Kessler said the addition had been discussed for about four years. Finding funding has been a general problem, as it relies heavily on donations. Getting an exact survey was the next challenge, and once it was completed the historical society found that it had quite a bit extra room on the museum property’s eastern edge.


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