December 11, 2008

Natural gas still being explored in Beulah


Residents in Beulah may have another option for heat by the winter season of 2010 if all the ducks are in a row. The decision is still out as a fact-finding committee looks into whether or not Beulah should accept an offer from two Michigan based companies to bring a natural gas pipeline into the city.

While the Hazen City Commission agreed last week to an exclusivity agreement with Major Pipelines LLC and Porter Survey PC, the city of Beulah is not yet ready to sign on the dotted line without further information. The decision will go before the City Council at 7 p.m. at the Dec. 15 meeting.

An appointed committee, comprised of Beulah Mayor Darrell Bjerke, City Planner John Phillips and city councilmen Roger Gazur, Steve Perry and Larry Walker, have been assigned with the task of discovery for the project. At this time Bjerke said the committee has met with representatives of the Michigan companies, but still has questions.

In addition the committee has requested revisions to the exclusivity agreement presented to the city by the companies.

"Our attorney (city attorney Scott Solem) picked up some working

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