January 21, 2010

Needing more back-up moms in Mercer County

Mom and daughter step ever so slowly over the snowed-sprinkled driveway. Mom knocks on the door and, tightly holding hands, helps her 2-year-old angel over the doorstep. The two exchange a kiss and hug before the little one waves bye-bye to Mom, who heads to work, knowing her daughter is in perfect hands.

When the women of the nation started packing lunches for themselves and driving their vans to the office instead of just to drop off the kids at school, child care facilities started to flourish. Stay-at-home moms continued to thrive, but more and more moms were hanging up their hats and passing the buck to other educated women, and sometimes men, who agreed to watch their precious little ones while moms and dads went off to be the breadwinners.

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