July 2, 2014

New council discusses Highway 49 bridge work

By Chris Erickson

Last week the Beulah City Council got together to discuss two topics - the Highway 49 bridge and the council reorganization.
The meeting was held specifically to discuss possible action regarding the pedestrian bridge across the Knife River that would need to be addressed when the highway portion of the bridge was upgraded as early as next year. The council had previously heard from the state’s Department of Transportation on details of that project. It had not taken action at the prior meeting.
Mayor Bjerke stated that the council would need to review options and consider the best way forward on the project.
Councilor Roger Gazur said that after going through the available information he wanted to share thoughts. He noted that he felt the best option was having the pedestrian bridge as part of the upgraded structure. The other options would result in more piers in the waterway and a higher expense for the city.
He added that there were safety concerns in any option, and any barrier between the pedestrian and automobile portions of the bridge would need to be substantial to ensure safety.

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