July 6, 2016

New portfolios to council members

By Kate Johnson

Council members took the time to familiarize themselves with each other. Having three new members sitting in the council seats presented the chance for everyone to learn a little more about each other, and to share insight as to how each of them ended up in Beulah and the length of time they’ve been on city council or working with the city.
Mayor Darrell Bjerke carried on to welcome each of the new council members and give insight as to what the next 12 months will look like. Mayor Bjerke expressed during portfolio assignment that it is an exciting time with the beginnings of a new year.
“I look at this as being a new year, a new team, a new beginning in a sense, ‘cause some of the portfolios changed, some are the same,” says Bjerke.
He carried on to say the difficultly he finds when assigning portfolios to new members and also rewarding long-time members with the folders they have continuously showed great passion for. He informed the council members the importance of setting goals within their portfolios with those goals being something they reach for throughout the year.
“Where are we going to take Beulah and make it better and improve quality of life?” Bjerke said to the council.
Improving Beulah was Bjerke’s main focus, but he also reminded them that a council seat isn’t such a glamorous job. He said that they should strive to do the best for the citizens with the important job they have been tasked with, giving examples such as picking up the trash, clean water, the lagoon works, and public safety, amongst many other things.
“Your position is very important, and what I have told other new councilmen when they come on board is ‘You can make it as much work or as little work as you wanted. I would hope you don’t chose the little,’” said Bjerke.
After finishing up his opening remarks he carried on to announce the vote of city position.

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