May 21, 2014

Nies Subdivision brought into the fold for bakery

By Chris Erickson

Beulah expanded a little bit Monday night as a new addition was made to the city during the regular council meeting.
Among other things, the city council approved the annexation of the Nies Subdivision at a public hearing that had come on the heels of a recommendation for that approval from the city’s planning and zoning board.
Mayor Darrell Bjerke noted that the zoning would also need to be changed once the annexation was accepted. After minimal discussion and no public opposition the council moved to annex the subdivision. Mark and Bonnie Nies plan on operating a bakery on the property in the near future. After the annexation was complete the council moved to change the zoning from a county to a city commercial designation.
During the meeting Greg Lange have a short presentation on LiDAR, which is named as a sort of combination of light and radar. The Mercer County Water Resource Board has met with a company that utilizes LiDAR to provide an updated topography of the landscape to map out the current watershed. According to Lange, the county was looking to enter into a contract with that company to map out Mercer County.

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