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August 7, 2019

Nine year-old beats DWC’s biggest walleye

Nine year-old beats DWC’s biggest walleye

By Kate Johnson

A nine-year-old Beulah boy pulled a 10 pound walleye from Lake Sakakawea days after the state’s largest walleye tournament.
Eli Mindt (9) was eager to go fishing with his Dad, Josh Mindt, and grandpa, Jack Mindt, come Monday morning.
As the three generations hit the water, they had little idea of what the day would bring. As the three of them coaxed around Renner Bay, Josh pulled the first walleye; however, it was such a little one.
Eli pulled the second walleye that was 5 pounds. Amazed at his catch, Eli began to give his grandfather a hard time, telling him this was the biggest fish they would catch, and Eli was the one to catch it. Soon enough Jack pulled in a 6 pound walleye and started to give Eli the gears, boasting about the fact that now he had the biggest walleye in the boat.
However, Eli wasn’t about to let his grandpa have the last catch of the day.
Grandpa, father and son continued to cast their lines out into the water, hoping for more. Eli began to yell to his dad and grandpa that his line had snagged and they needed to turn around. Josh moved to grab the pole from his son to check if it was snagged.

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