September 23, 2015

No decision on Crew Camp

By Kate Johnson

Through the city attorney’s research, Council has come to the conclusion that the only real control the city has is over the conditional use permit for the crew camp is because of the current ordinances. City Attorney Scott Solem, had gone through and written a four-page conditional use permit in great detail, addressing the concerns that had been highlighted by the board and community members in previous meetings.
Now, City Council Member Roger Guzer has turned to the community members present to this past city council meeting asking them to help with their input for the conditional use permit. The residents present were asked to elect three individuals who are to meet with the city attorney and city coordinator at a maximum of three times within the next two-week period leading up to the next city council meeting.
Guzer desired to have the few who were elected look over the conditional use permit already written, along with council member Brant Keller, urging the three selected individuals to become familiar with the city’s ordinances. The three elected were Rich Jurgens, Kurt Kruger, and Nick Ahlschlager.
This conditional use permit is being written for strictly this application only.
Ben Lenzen, city council member, shared his feelings on the crew camp, asking how the city is going to benefit from this facility.
“We have to make [the conditional use permit] so attractive that anybody can come in here and basically make money off our community and then leave 24 months later and have no investment in our community.” says Lenzen, to which the crowd applauded. Lenzen stressed the importance behind what the city will be left with once residents of the camp have vacated.
Mayor Darrell Bjerke making the statement that when you have a property owner and a developer that wants to go forward with something, it’s a hard issue for the council to face. City Council gets involved through an application process, which it is submitted in accordance to city of Beulah ordinances. The decision on whether the crew camp is to come to Beulah is postponed until the next City Council Meeting, which is Oct. 5 at 7 p.m.


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