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March 21, 2018

Old discussions brought up as new

By Kate Johnson

A discussion that has been decades old recently resurfaced at the most recent Beulah City Council meeting.
The Home Rule Charter was a topic brought up in the early 2000’s, according to Councilman Clyde Schulz’s presentation. He shed some history to the rest of the councilmen and women who may have not been there nearly two decades ago.
He explained that this topic was for review and not to take action at that current meeting; however, if they did take action it would have to be soon. Schulz explained that over 100 cities in North Dakota have adopted the Home Rule Charter, with Beulah being the 14th biggest city on the list.
Schulz said that when the charter was discussed in the past it was because of the deteriorating pool at the time, and the city didn’t want to increase taxes so they looked to the addition of a sales tax through using a portion of the Home Rule Charter.
Schulz said that was how it was proposed at that time to streamline the charter to allow for that to happen. He said a few years later they brought it up again to add a second amendment – which was to increase the sales tax to build the Wellness Center.

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