February 6, 2019

Order Valentine’s Day Pet Grams, proceeds go to M&M Pet Rescue

By Kate Johnson

M&M Pet Rescue will be selling Pet Grams for Valentine’s Day. Remember in high school when you could purchase candy grams and send them to your friends or crush? Yes, this is like that, but we are showering our pets with the love instead.
The rescue will be hand making and baking dog treats. The ingredients going into these treats are: brown rice flour, unsweetened pumpkin puree, peanut butter, eggs and salt.
The treats will be sold in two different kinds of bags – large breed and small breed. Large breed will have bigger cookies, whereas the small breed will have smaller cookies.
Minimum donation per bag is $5. All proceeds will be going to M&M Pet Rescue and the veterinary costs they incur while animals are in their care. Cash or checks made out to M&M Pet Rescue will be accepted.

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