December 2, 2015

Outward results with underlying tension

For the last couple months, the Mercer County Ambulance Board has been trying to sort through a variety of financial and  internal issues that have plagued the service for a while. Their most recent meeting highlights the progress that has been  made, and how far is still to go.

Board Member Darrold Bertsch provided several updates on the financial situation of the ambulance service, including financial reports and audits that have the approval the board has been waiting for. The approvals come following the  announcement that Marcia Steffen has accepted a part-time position as bookkeeper for the ambulance service. Steffen  has been working already to help the board manage the financial situation in the interim period following the resignation of manager Angie Sayler.

Bertsch addressed the balance sheet for 2015, covering January through October. He noted that some bad debt would still  need to be dealt with, but that otherwise the numbers were finally coming together.

The service had net total assets and liabilities of $1.5 million. Current assets totaled $557,000, while fi xed assets equaled $968,000.

A total of $681,140 of total income was generated by the ambulance board, while total expenses reached $655,000, leaving, with adjustments, a net surplus of $31,853, with the need to still make the bad debt payments. The budget had accounted for a net loss in income.

The board approved the balance sheet and profit and loss statements.

Bertsch addressed financial audits for the service. Clean audits have not been received for some time, and the audit  provided information to compare the fi nancial situation of the service in 2014 and 2015. The overall audit changed from $1.3 million in 2014 to $1.5 million this fiscal year. Changes in net assets amounted to $198,000. The board approved the audit.

A management representation letter, attesting the accuracy of any financial statements, was drafted by Bertsch. Also  provided to the board was a Form 990 for tax exempt organizations. The board approved both of the documents.

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