November 15, 2017

Pet pics to benefit local pet rescue

By Kate Johnson

Homeless animals do not know the boundaries of Hazen and Beulah. Oftentimes when a lonesome animal is found, M&M Pet Rescue is the number that is called.
M&M Pet Rescue is operated by Marlys Reichenberg, Beulah. Oftentimes she is unable to house the animal but she does offer her rescues help financially.
Reichenberg said she needs two things: foster homes and permanent homes. When discussing her current foster homes, Reichenberg could only name a few. She explained that typically when people call with an animal she asks if they are able to house it while she makes calls to find it a permanent home.
Oftentimes she and the person who found the animal work together to find the dog or cat its best home. “A lot of times I ask if they can take care of [the animal] and I will help get it vetted and then help find it a permanent home,” said Reichenberg.
She does have a few numbers she calls when she is in a bind with an animal and the individual who found it cannot keep it.
Reichenberg estimated that, on average, a rescue animal will cost her $200. She explained that it is sometimes less, being around $80 and sometimes more, being more than $300.
“Every animal is different,” she said, noting they have different needs based on different issues.

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