June 24, 2015

Planning and zoning find Scherer a solution

By Jarann Johnson
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope it’s a solution to Brian Scherer’s request to sell his house and detached garage separately. Last Thursday at City Hall the City Planning and Zoning board heard a request to buy Scherer’s detached garage and received Wes Gunsch’s resignation from the board chairman position.
The meeting started gently with the May 21 meeting minutes being approved, then moved into old business. The first three points in old business – Gerald Beiber’s report on the Mercer County zoning meeting, developing a land use plan, and updating zoning in the city – went quickly, but there was a major board discussion during the dilapidated buildings topic.
Russ Duppong, city coordinator/building official, updated the board on the dilapidated buildings, saying that six properties were going to receive letters and describing which properties were at the top of the dilapidated buildings list.
“There was some mobile homes, there was some houses that are in process but they are still going to get letters. So, we went through and we narrowed down the list, too, and I was going to send that over to you once I have it typed,” Duppong said.
After Duppong told the board that six properties were going to receive letters, Board Chairman Wes Gunsch asked how the properties on the list were being prioritized. Duppong responded by saying that he collaborates with Council Member Kathy Kelsch to determine the list.
“Kathy (Kelsch) went through and she checked them, and I checked them when we sat down to see what they were. We are looking at a lot of them that are vacant, haven’t been being taken care of. Some have siding completely gone and the insulation is out of the house,” Duppong said. “Some of the ones that have had numerous calls and complaints about junk yard or whatever the problem is. We try to go through and find the ones that, from appearance on the outside, or if there’s been some type of report given about the situation on the inside by a past renter, then we narrow it down.”

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