August 26, 2015

Planning and Zoning looking at crew camps

By Jarann Johnson

Entering the Beulah Planning and Zoning meeting one of the most important topics was going to be reviewing and updating the district codes. But once the meeting got underway, it was clear the boards’ focus at the meeting would be crew camps.
Capital Lodging, a company operating out of Tioga, presented the Beulah Planning and Zoning Board with a crew camp presentation. The presentation wasn’t designed for acceptance, but more so as an informal presentation.
Capital Lodging is seeking a temporary use permit for temporary housing needs caused by the construction of the Urea building Dakota Classification Company is constructing. The proposed site of the crew camp is a 20-acre site on 7th Street that adjoins the industrial park (across from Northern Lights Gymnastics and RoughRider CrossFit).
Capital Lodging will be providing 280-500 rooms at the location and is currently working on a lease. The facility is expected to be 10,000 total square feet, which will contain a recreation area, office, kitchen, maintenance area, housing, and cafeteria. The housing units will be in seven 30’x70’ modular buildings.
The housing units will be modular buildings and installed using city requirements. Other information presented pointed toward the facility being a contained facility – having one entry and exit gate with security.
The only questions raised by the board were about parking and site plans. The parking questions were raised by Marvin Bauer and Gary Miller.
Bauer wanted to know what kind of material would be used in the parking lot. Russ Duppong, city coordinator/ building official, said the material would be similar to what’s used in the Cenex parking lot.
Miller asked if there would be any dust problems and was told the about a spray to reduce dust. Capital Logic also indicated they would use any suggested methods for dust control.

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