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July 9, 2014

Plans presented for MTI building

By Chris Erickson

An empty building on Beulah’s south side could find new purpose in the near future if the city government ultimately approves new plans for its use.
Bruce Schmidt and Gregg Hoffner approached the Beulah City Council with plans Monday night regarding the idea to utilize the former MTI building as the new location for the Beulah Chamber of Commerce, Beulah Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, and Beulah Motor Vehicles Department.
With plans in hand, Schmidt spoke to the council on work that would need to be done on the building’s exterior and interior, estimates for that work and overall project details.
Schmidt explained that majority of the project would revolve around the concrete on the exterior of the building.
“Almost every corner is sunk and in front of the door there is a six-inch drop,” he said. “There are lots of cracks and other problems. On the southeast corner by the door there’s an 11-inch drop and on the northeast corner there’s a propane line running across the top of the sidewalk.”
According to Schmidt, the roof would require work as well totaling about $16,000 whether it was steel or shingles. The interior wouldn’t need as much work, although some renovations would be required. He noted that the south end would be the area for offices and bathrooms were in place.


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