October 16, 2008

Pool bid awarded, dirt and cement work underway


Site work for the new Beulah Aquatic Center located on the north side of town two blocks east of Pamida began Sept. 16 with the leveling work now beginning to take on the shape of the pool basin.

Two bids were received on the estimated $3.1 million project, both falling within $34,000 of each other. Mayor Darrell Bjerke said the bid was awarded to Associated Builders, Inc., Bismarck. Bjerke added that cement footings have been poured for the pool basin and if the weather holds out, all cement work for the basin and bathhouse will be finished this fall.

Original plans to save the city money and have local industry provide in-kind work to help with the original preparation of the site fell through, Bjerke said.

"We were real appreciative that Dakota Westmoreland was willing to work with us and help us out in this area, but it didn’t work out. The company’s big equipment was too large to get to us and their smaller equipment was too small to do the job. It’s unfortunate but it just wasn’t feasible," Bjerke added.

Once the bathhouse is enclosed, Bjerke said it is assumed that the company will continue work inside the building. If all goes as planned the new pool will be up and running next summer.

"We do have another pool we can limp through on another year if need be. We want a quality pool and we want it done right," he added.

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