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August 30, 2017

Progress and questions on Mahto Bay area

By Daniel Arens

At long last, a preliminary memorandum of understanding was approved concerning road maintenance related to Mahto Bay.
This memorandum comes on the heels of encouraging new discussions about land ownership and access in the Mahto Bay area, a debate that extends over the last several decades.
The memorandum states that Mercer County agrees to main a stretch of the road that continues as County Road 1 north into territory belonging to the Three Affiliated Tribes, in exchange for the tribes’ assuming maintenance responsibility on the entirety of the road leading to Mahto Bay.
“Thank you, first and foremost, for getting us on the agenda and getting this draft done,” Mike Seifert, representing the Mahto Bay Cabin Owners Association, said.
Seifert brought forth three things he thought the commission should consider regarding approval of the draft. First, he thought that an additional three-quarters of a mile should be added to the county’s road responsibility in order to fully cover the same length of road as that the tribes are covering. Jessica Binder, Mercer County state’s attorney, double checked the specific math for the county’s responsibility, and agreed that it should be extended slightly.

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