December 22, 2015

Progress nearing, but not yet in reach for flooding concern

By Daniel Arens

Dealing with a flooding swamp bordering the Lake Shore Estates development has been a continuing headache for Mercer County’s water board members. A combination of various government regulations and disagreements between the estate’s representatives and a neighboring landowner have prevented decisive action from taking place.
In recent months, wider discussion has opened up between the landowner, Jerome Boeshans, and the Lake Shore Estates during water board meetings. The water board hopes to see the two sides come together with a proposal both can support, so that a united voice can speak about the flooding concerns to government agencies.
“We’ve had to be reactive, instead of proactive,” Water Board Secretary Greg Lange said, noting that the lack of a deal between the board, the estates, and Boeshans has prevented the water board from pitching a clear idea to national and state agencies. Most people agree that there needs to be a fix to the problem, Lange noted, but everyone has to come together and figure out how.
“I can’t stress enough: communication, communication, and better communication,” Mercer County Commissioner Wes Gunsch said. Gunsch, who regularly attends the water board meetings, knows well how the debate has unfolded so far, and concurred with the board on a need for a larger solution.

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