September 17, 2009

Property line problem moving toward an estimated $12,000 survey solution

Survey errors that prevented a home sale on Beulah’s western edge should be cleared up soon as the affected landowners have agreed to all chip in to replat the Moens Parcel Addition subdivision, which borders the west side of State Highway 49.

Seven landowners, starting with the school district’s bus barn and going south are affected. The owners all met with attorney Scott Solem and Steve Mamer of Interstate Engineering Wednesday, Sept. 2 to discuss the problem and possible solutions. Six landowners, including the school district, agreed to pay for work needed for the replat, which is expected to cost $12,000 which will be divided evenly between each property. The seventh landowner, whose property is the furthest south, agreed not to oppose the replat in any way, but would not contribute financially. He also agreed to cede some property to his neighbor, if that is what the results of the survey required.

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