July 1, 2015

Public safety on lake and land

By Baelee Butts
It’s all fun and games until someone’s boat runs out of gas. The safety of the community and visitors is a major concern for the Mercer County Sheriff Department. The holiday weekend is approaching quickly and, with that, there will be alcohol, fireworks, games, boating, barbeques, and fun, but safety must be the number one priority on the list.
Mercer County Sheriff Dean Danzeisen said there will be extra patrols on duty for the Fourth of July weekend. With the increase in visitors in the county, the Sheriff will be ready with patrol boats.
If you do see an incident on the lake call 911 right away. There are dispatchers who will be able to direct your call to the appropriate department for aid. It will also be helpful to know your location in case of an emergency.
Some helpful hints from Danzeisen to minimize concerned phone calls is to leave a note on your vehicle if you are going to leave it by the lake or parked somewhere for a couple of days. He has had instances where people are on the lake for an extended duration and concerned citizens will call with worry about the safety of those on the boat. Keeping people informed is the best option to avoid those situations.
“Always keep your phone charged or have a charger with you,” said Danzeisen.
Always check the oil and gas in the boat, pontoon, personal watercraft, or any other watercraft. There have been instances where the department had to rescue people due to running out of gas or boat failure. They have many forms of rescues including boats and aircraft.
Always keep life jackets on and on the working watercraft. Make sure children have life jackets on, especially when tubing.
“I’ve never seen anyone drown with a life jacket on,” said Danzeisen. 

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