September 7, 2016

P&Z projects budget cuts

By Kate Johnson

Beulah Planning and Zoning started thinking of its upcoming budget cuts and what will be affected. With no new business on the agenda, City Coordinator Russ Duppong discussed old business. He presented that developing a land use plan may be something that would be hindered because of budget cuts.
“Due to budget constraints, we’re trying to figure out how we can keep money in there,” said Duppong. “Budgets are getting cut next year by quite a bit, so we are going to try and utilize different funds.”
Although having a certain amount earmarked for “Developing a Land Use Plan,” Duppong explained he and city councilman Travis Frey would have to see what they would be able to keep in that line item. Frey mentioned the city council would be having its preliminary budget meeting Tuesday (Sept. 7), after which planning and zoning should know more about where they are sitting by next month.
Duppong also mentioned his upcoming meeting with the North Dakota Planning Association, which he said his intent was to gain knowledge behind other sources of funding out there that planning and zoning could use.
Dilapidated Buildings is another item that may take a hit with budget cuts. With letters being sent out six months ago, all dilapidated buildings are being worked on in some way. Several are actually complete.

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