April 19, 2017

RDO receives 1st grade visitors

By Kate Johnson

One hundred and fifteen Beulah and Hazen first graders were invited out to RDO for training that started at farm eqipment and continued to 911 calls.
The students were taken through six stations, learning something completely different at each one. The stations were as follows: a tractor power take-off (PTO), the Mercer County Sheriff’s department, 4WD tractor, Bargmann Ranch with a miniature horse, basic agronomy, and the 911 call simulator.
At the tractor PTO station students were shown the shields and warning labels that covered the piece of equipment as well as given an explanation of the importance of acknowledging those labels.
To put their reflexes to the test they were told to catch the $2 bill. The bill was held out in front of them and then had their fingers hovering by the bills side waiting for it to be dropped. This exercise was to show that reaction times aren’t always fast enough, especially with farm equipment, which can end poorly, quickly.  
Deputy Paul Martin with the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department was present with his vehicle and allowed kids to hop in where ever they could find room. Deputy Martin explained to the students what his job entails while they sat with excitement in the back and front seats of the squad car.

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