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June 4, 2014

Recent rains threaten Spring Creek in Zap

By Lee Coleman

Recent rains in Mercer County have been good in a lot of ways. But for folks living near Spring Creek in Zap, the cleansing rains produced more than a headache.
When heavy rains and storms visit the area, waterways become an immediate concern, especially in low lying areas. In Zap, the rains pushed Spring Creek to the very brink of flooding but, as the storms tapered off, so did the cresting water.
“Over the weekend, we were watching Spring Creek in Zap,” said Emergency Management Director Carmen Reed. “The ground is saturated and, if the creek ran over its banks, the water would have flooded the trailer parks near the creek.
“We got lucky this time. The storms took a northern turn and didn’t come far enough south. If they had, we would have been in trouble. That was the only hot spot in the county.”
According to Reed, the Knife River came up some but didn’t come close to the flood stage of 23 feet. The Knife did become very muddy from the runoff of the rain.

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