August 12, 2015

Reichenberg leads first meeting

By Jarann Johnson
Jerry Reichenberg didn’t waste much time getting to the point as the Beulah Planning and Zoning chairman. Reichenberg went right into the new business part of the agenda were he was greeted with six issues.
The most important issue Reichenberg and the board faced was the New Energy Addition plat and zoning hearing. Reichenberg explained where the addition was and opened the meeting for public comments.
“We are going to open up the floor for the hearing to replat what I guess everybody refers to as the Boekel Trailer Court. But it’s block eight to four of Century 2nd and a portion of Tumbleweed 1st is what it is,” Reichenberg said.
John Philips, Beulah development director, was the only member of the public with a comment. Philips said the replat would allow for two projects, a 24-unit multifamily apartment and a childcare building, to be constructed.
“There’s two projects going in there. One is a 24-unit multifamily facility and the other is a group childcare facility which will accommodate up to 30 children,” Philips said.
Chairman Reichenberg asked when Russ Duppong, city coordinator/building official, would see construction plans. Phillips said the childcare facility plans were almost done, but that further review is needed to ensure the childcare meets compliance laws. Phillips said the 24-unit apartment building would take 1-2 weeks.
Duppong hoped the permits for the projects would be ready at the board’s next meeting, which is August 20. After finishing talks about construction, Duppong went on to explain how the replat would impact zoning. Duppong said the childcare facility and apartment complex would be located in a C1 zone and that everything else to the left would be an R1.

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